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* * * This website will be closing soon * * *

The domain name registration and hosting are coming to an end in January 2015 and (for administrative reasons far too complex to discuss here) they will not be renewed. Therefore the site will remain visible only as long as the various servers involved don't notice they're not being paid (probably not long!)

DPT will be moving to alternative accommodation soon, most likely on SourceForge.

Please accept my apologies for the disruption in service, as well as thanks for visiting over the last 10 years and helping make DPT the world's #1 free User Language application platform!


The Model 204 Emulator

If you belong to one of these groups, DPT was created for you:

  • Model 204 programmers
    Write, run and debug M204 code on Windows, Linux etc. with no need for a mainframe at all.
  • System managers
    Move lightweight production applications off the mainframe.
  • Beginners and trainees
    Practise Model 204 skills in the comfort of your living room/park/Starbucks etc, with a friendly user interface.
  • Webmasters
    Publish websites with dynamic content generated in User Language from M204 application data.
  • All programmers
    Incorporate DPT APIs or source code into your own C++, Java, etc. applications.

To find out more take a look round out the comprehensive online documentation via the menus at the top.

DPT's level of Model 204 feature support improves as time goes on. Why not bookmark this page and check back from time to time?

Latest news

7th August 2014:
Version 3.08: Fix to statement number handling. Improved security.

7th July 2014:
Emulator Version 3.07: Basic Unicode support; UL statement numbers!!

26th January 2014:
Emulator Version 3.06: Modified record locking auto-retry algorithm. Case-insensitive sorts.

25th January 2014:
C++ API Version 3.06. Plus some new stuff in Roger Marsh's Python package.

23rd April 2013:
File Wizard V1.2: Better 64 bit support.

27th January 2013:
V3.05: A small fix to the UL $POST function.

11th December 2012:
Some M204 client list status updates... (From the m204-l "ROLL CALL!" thread this year.)

25th November 2012:
V3.04: Correction to occasional FP error in $ROUND when used as an expression subterm.

30th September 2012:
V3.03: Lots of new security-related stuff, and a fix for a DBMS bug.

7th April 2012:
V3.02: Case-insensitive pattern matching.

11th August 2011:
Wizard V1.1. The wizard help dialog is now better-behaved.

2nd June 2011:
V3.01: Some small mostly cosmetic fixes.

29th April 2011:
Major new release: Version 3.0. BLOBs, File Wizard, Fast Load, Java API and more: See release notes.

24th Jan 2011:
Hosting and email problems on this site the last few days. All back to normal now.

14th Jan 2011:
Link to the M204 clients list on the contact page

25th October 2010:
V2.30. More small TFEs: Tweaks fixes and enhancements.

10th September 2010:
V2.29. DPT Host can now be installed and run as a Windows system service.

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